LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

~stal3 & L{iss~

Like a river
Like a fog
I’m enveloped in what you say
Questioning your every word
Your every action
I’m praying for a better day
Hiding from the feelings I’ve pressed back
Searching for the answers why
I’m lost in my own world
Tears well up behind my eyes
Your sword slowly glides
My escape so far away
My breath is delayed
The thought of you races through my head
A tear trickles down my cheek
I’m filled with anger and with hurt
You walk away leaving me so frail so weak
Your words stab my heart like a double-edged sword
Yet somehow yours is the last kiss that lingers on my icy lips
Thrown out like an old pair of shoes
I’m always the one you run to
I try to help you sort through the tragic life you’ve created
As your hearts secrets pour out like a waterfall
My confused mind contradicts what you say
As you whisper your promises of forever
Wrapped in your arms, I am where I belong
Opening my eyes, I’m lost and alone
For I locked my hearts door and let you go
But when will my ears learn not to listen?
When you talk about how much you love her
My broken heart turns to stone
In the end, I’ll forever be broken and alone

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