Poem By Laura Cummings

Call me up and threaten me, how dare
I leave you, bully me, intimidate
me, trying to force me to feel
something I don’t.

Once I was sorry, I knew what I
had done was right but
still I was sorry, sorry
to hurt you, sorry
to have lost what once upon a time
might have been a friendship.

Now your guilt trip follows me,
turning sorrow into anger,
destroying a third chance with
someone else.

First and second time they chickened
out, maybe the third time will do the
trick. Equal rights with the right amount
of dislikes. Talented touch that leaves a
trail of shivers across the surface of my skin,
leaving me cold and yet still I burn with suspense.

Dreams, wants, still stalked by nightmares.
Sharing secrets that should never have been told,
Leaving fear in a friendship that’s starting to evolve.

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