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Poem By Val Morehouse

… That beginning was wiped out in fear
The day I swung suspended with the grapes,
And was come after like Eurydice.”___Robert Frost.

Surer than daybreak,
your black jealousy vibrates love’s lyre.
There is thunder in this desire.

I am never alone.
Terrible storm swept nightmare,
you shadow me.

What slate thin edge
of lightning scythes this landscape I cannot shake?
I hear you follow.

Like dread your silhouette ripens
on me as some chaff-thick wind.
I see your face.

Your dark march beats behind my dreaming feet.
You would marry and keep me,
groom without music or blossoms.

On any terms your bride, until my youth,
buxom in summer gown
like modesty I cast aside.

Such a weight of shade there is no bearing it
you would take me, a Euridice
whose light touch once coaxed spring into flower;

And I will crash down,
an ordinary woman
like hail in your deadly arms.

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Awesomeness. care, goldy