The first time i saw you,
I already knew it was you.
The one that will make my heart jump through
Each and everyday, as life goes through.

My eyes can stop staring at you;
My feet can't stop following you;
My mind can't stop thinking of you;
My heart can't stop beating for you.
Now, please tell me what am I gonna do,
To get rid of this feeling I have for you.

The moment i see you, i get energized
At your glance, I'm hypnotized
With your moves, I'm paralyzed
Indeed, you're the one I idolized
But your smile makes my heart cries
Knowing that your heart, to the other girl it lies.

But who am I to stop you from loving her
If in fact, I'm just one of your stalker
Just one of your secret admirer.
And yet, don't have the guts to be your girl.

by Laurence Ruedas

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