(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Stalker Number Three

As luck would have it, I received
a stalker, who (perhaps aggrieved)
writes gentle, also juicy stuff
and never seems to get enough.

Intelligent and up to date
she seems so eager (wants to mate?)
What strategy would you suggest
to deal with this, what would be best?
The previous fan was not disturbed
and nothing ever really curbed
her lust for death and mayhem still
she seemed so ready for the kill.
But, in the end she went away
without goodbye, and yet I say
it was a perfect day to savour
ye Gods did me a giant favour.

This one, I hope is not the same (?) ,
she changes writing style and name.
A conversation can be had
with her the damsel, me the lad.
But wait, without the slightest hint
she gets into her eyes a glint
and throws her body, nude and all
toward my innocence (the gall!) .

Perhaps this game cannot be halted
as it now seems the horse has bolted
Diplomacy may be the thing
how do you stop a dingeling?

Yes, this is cyberspace indeed
so many plants and now this weed
and, come to think of, it is true
it's number three, so what to do?
Back then, when number one was hot
she found her target, sadly, not
and jumped with legs and all her gear
onto a fellow who was near
and ready, drooling over her
I was the lucky one, yes Sir!

She has, methinks switched many times
committed small and medium crimes,
exchanging fluids through the net
though I am free, no need to fret.

Now this bird though will need a mate
to find herself and seal her fate.
Rewards are offered from this end
before she drives me 'round the bend.

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Strategy... simple... block me! :) H, top notch as ever. With a serious note too, since many of us have been there. t x