Stalker Of The Sky

Once again a stalker is in a quest
with her silent gaze,
Her enticing tresses are partly hiding
her beaming face.

Wandering alone
without a caravan of stars tonight
O Selena!
Whose union are you searching tonight?

I'm as lonely as you,
my solitude has made me a wanderer,
But that doesn't mean
Every night I surrender my heart to any stranger.

O' Celestial Queen!
of the myriad astral courtiers,
My fate on this earth
kept me alive, remained my torch bearers.

You must have seen me drunk
lying in a pool of your shimmering nectar;
My uneven steps have often climbed
ladder of wish, to kiss your lustrous lips.

Copyright: DrNikhat Bano
All rights reserved

by Dr. Nikhat Bano

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