Stalking Life

I love to walk.
Stalking life,
And all that I encounter...
Preying upon its offerings I savor.

Listening to the birds chirp from trees.
Taking full advantage of Mother Nature,
As I please.
Groping each glorious stroke of 'her'.
With an energy that caresses me.

'Sssssssooooohhh! '

I love to walk...
Stalking life.
And participating with others,
Fulfilling their appetites.

Feeling the lick of drifting breezes,
As I meander with delight...
Through the paths and open spaces.
Stopping to absorb...
The sounds and sights of Elizabeth Park.
A Hartford treasure experienced during the day...
And by some,
Long after dark!

And getting my 'visions off'!
Greeting to be teased in a mutual exchange.
My need for this is satisfied.
Caring less that my gratification,
May be quite obvious!
And at dawn?
That's when Mother Nature and I 'get-it-on'.
How arresting 'she' can be as the dew lifts,
From 'her' moistened and delicious...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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