Stalking through the night
Not giving up a fight
Following people around
And then taking them down
What was it that brought him to this
His mind with the Devils full of bliss
He would even stalk at day
Stalking people in any way
Didn't care if he was caught
cuz stalking is what he sought
He locked onto people's minds
Filtered them like coffee grinds
With all people he haunted
What was it that he really wanted
He took it all so really slow
To see which way the people would go
But as his mind started to sully
He no longer wanted to bully
He began to open his mind
And as he did he became blind
What he saw he could not believe
Just how could he be so naive
He saw that himself he was stalking
Now he understood who he was mocking

by Erickjohn Baxter-Berryhill Kunst


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