Stall. Pivot.

Stall. Pivot.
And then with endearing,
Sincere eyes...
Rely on frequent and trite,
With a less emphasis to use,
Overdone alibis.

Accuse. Point fingers.
Drop a tear or two.
Slowly with your left hand,
Wipe them away in full view.
Tilt your head up,
Before taking your right hand
As if in faith...
You're reaching for honesty,
To pour forth from your lips.
With a knowing this act,
Will dismiss B.S. heard.
As if not to hear or exist.

'My fellow (sniff) trusting.
And loyal dependable friends.
I appear before you...
As I can only do.
Filled to the brim,
With unquestionable heart felt
Quivering (sniff) to my knees,
An open door of flowing emotion
For you.
Pure (sniff) .
And God knows...
Absolutely true.
I beg of you to keep your trust
In me to do only for you.
As only a God fearing man can.'

As a representative elected,
From my district.
Your left hand?
With crossed fingers,
Behind your back?
Is that done to signal,
Those of us watching...
On TV monitors,
An expressed sharing with us...
A surprising message,
You wish kept concealed...
To prevent our thunderous,
Too embarrassing to hear,
That will disrupt your humility
And down to Earth personality? -

Stall. Pivot.
Slowly move towards the exit.
Announce an emergency meeting.
Then run!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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