(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is quite a hobby
A glance into world history
Researching another country
Uncovers so many mysteries

It’s not just the understanding
Of what a culture is about
But learning to speak the language
Will be a challenge without a doubt

It’s a wonderful undertaking
And one that is well worth while
Each stamp from all over the world
Has an interesting and unique style

I enjoy the stories they tell
With description on every one
They go way back in time
When stamps had first begun

So if you’d like a hobby
You might give this a chance
Yes, stamps hold fascination
With their mystery and yes, romance!

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I'm afraid stamp collecting has fallen on hard times with the advent of email. I was going to collect stamps, but when I found some with upside-down planes, I got mad and quit. If they can't print them right side up, I can't be bothered.; ^) -chuck