Stan Whose Wife Left Him For A Woman

He somehow might have come to terms with it
If Jane his wife had left him for a man
But since she left for the love of a woman
Makes it much harder to accept for Stan.

She was his wife for fifteen years or longer
And their only offspring Eddy is fourteen
And it galls him to think that his ex wife in public places
Hand in hand with a woman has been seen.

For such a thing is shattering to his ego
He know his neighbours laugh behind his back
He's often thought of leaving town forever
And living somewhere off the beaten track.

Why did she go and leave him for a woman
The thought of it just cause him so much ache
Was he not man enough to satisfy her?
Just thinking of it seems so hard to take.

The court decreed that he give her half his assets
His house and it's contents he had to sell
For fifteen years like slave he laboured for her
And before she left she told him 'go to hell'.

What puzzles him he never did mistreat her
And he loved her as a man should love his wife
He never even threatened or abused her
What did he do to deserve such a life? .

He done his best to make the marriage work out
And at least he know his very best he tried
But still in some way he feels he's a failure
And that does little for his sense of pride.

But the thing he cannot seem to come to terms with
Is that Jane did not leave him for a man
'Twas for love of a female that she left him
And that is the most hurtful thing for Stan.

by Francis Duggan

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