MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Stand On A Mountain Top

Hey pretty lady
Just who are you to me
What are your goals in life
Who do u want to be

You say u want to cut hair
You say u want to live life
Who are u the mysterious one
Do u want children or to be a wife

I can figure you out
Because when we talk you don't look in my eyes
Are u afraid of me because u heard I was sad
Or are u just a little shy

You stand like a statue
You stand tall and proud
But you won't let me get close
Am I not allowed

I only see you
When you are with the Cop
But what is going on in your mind
What is happening in your heart

Are u gonna show the world what u can do
Are u gonna live in a mighty house
Are u gonna cut the hair of a mighty lions mane
Or are u gonna cut the hair of a mouse

U are beautiful and you look like a Queen
You look like an eagle the truly soars
You look like a lion on the hunt
But you need to learn to roar

Show the world your beautiful smile
Though you no longer smile at me
Show the world the beauty you possess
Stand on a mountain top for all the world to see

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