Stand Tall

the leaves change colour as the season
Changes then eventually fall to the
earth as it becomes unbearably cold
The tree stands tall naked and stripped
Of its once lacious beauty that cannot
Be replaced but can be taken away by the
Bitterness of winter
winds of change back And forth they blow
the storms come and go and as it begins to
be warm the buds Start popping up out of
nowhere and soonThey bloom the beauty
that was destroyed Is restored and the tree
continues to stand Tall like nothing ever

by brendon khore

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A good start with a nice poem, Brendon. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
Nice write Thulani... I like your focus on this poem.
Beautiful poem. Good rendition of words and very realistic description. Focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing Brendon.
times change for better or for worse but despite the challenges we face we must remain true to ourselves and let go of what mught hold us back