KR ( / Arlington, TX, USA)

Stand Tall

When I close my eyes I see your face,
A picture of you comes to mind and
Fills my empty space
I try to stop the thoughts, stand
Tall and give my back a brace,
I open my eyes and catch you
Fleeing in my Nightmares' Race,
Ashes of what went wrong have
Left a nasty acid taste,
I pause at the window to look
And remember,
Last June, July, August, and September,
And now it's December.
A small town on a little bay
A vacation turned into a longer stay
Soft warm sand on my feet,
Breezes and kisses my lips did open
To greet.
I know I am the one to blame,
After a short time I knew it was
A game,
I tried real hard to make you change,
To touch your heart was just out of range,
My heart needs to touch the waves and ride,
In my soul my love can't hide,
The worst part is the shame I
can't confide,
Because of fear no one will be on
my side

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