(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Stand Up

Standing up isn’t necessarily easy
There is always a chance we take
When strong thoughts are fashioned
Along with statements that we make

We are who we’re supposed to be
If we feel it deep within our hearts
As we trudge the path of truthfulness
Doing our own individual part

Standing up is, of course, is a choice
In this land in which we live
Freedom makes our country strong
A sacred opportunity for us to give

We parade through life constantly
Taking sips from our journey’s cup
Ah yes, we are so lucky
We can choose to just stand up!

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Comments (3)

Hi Marilyn! Glad we live in a country where we have the choice , to stand up and speak our thoughts and views! Best wishes! *10*! Friend Thad
standing up for your beliefs is not easy- you take chances, but that's what God gave us a neck for- to stick it out. thanks. bold theme, well composed.
I like this one Marilyn it fits many situations and as you rightly say, Its not always easy to stand up.10/10 Regards Dave T