WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Standard Blue

Standards Blue
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, January 31,2016

Upon my face, you previously put a smile
Those smiles were merely for a short while
Earnest observance secrets kept by my peers
The shadows hide inside lackluster tears

You made me laugh for a spell
Yet blues deep inside dwell
Reigned the King without a crown
The laughter has turned to a solemn frown

Drifting down the river Nile a ship christened denial
The joy disappears for it fell out of style for a while
Sinking in a puddle for only the pillow to cuddle
The boat that floats is left now to scuttle

Thoughts of others were never a concern
Sometimes the reckless just never learn
Yearned for things I didn't earn
How the wanted is now to be spurned

Cried now and then on a few occasions
Temptations felt such soothing sensations
Had no pull nor did I have any clout
Yet it still felt good to let it out

Never did I figure what it was all about
Paved roads so I took a different route
Prowling in shades disguises stealth
I deduced your distresses for the expanse of wealth

Like the misty steam vapors comes the daylight that vanished
Old silverware rusty and now has been tarnished
A satellite banished to orbit a distanced planet
Chiseled away the texts once written in granite

Yet now the words still carry me through
The wild child smiled for the dragons we slew
Things once old are now so new
Misty sunrises veiled in standards blue

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