Standards Kept No One Keeps To Accept

Now that sexual preferences confessed,
Are opening closed closet doors once shut to ignore...
To be discussed and prioritized to re-assess.
Perhaps the real issues we all live to confront,
Yet still denied and left unaddressed to suppress...
That people were unable to face but routinely created,
Such foolish divisions and racial conflicts to bait.
And supported by distorted religious beliefs.
With an advocating of hatred and biased immaturity,
Released for no other reason but to keep insecurities...

Perhaps all of this witnessed nonsense...
Will too become unhinged from cemented foundations,
To allow for many the reality of life to begin.
Without restricting it to delusions and continued pretentions,
Valued with standards kept no one keeps to accept.
Since all of life is evolving regardless if left unobserved.
No matter who says what to object to the presence of facts.
As if some live to perceive themselves exceptions to this rule,
With a keeping of truth on surfaces where they hide beneath.
And hoping that truth like a fad will someday leave.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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