Standards Valued

Their leaders fed them greed.
That has led them to a brick wall,
And now they wish to push their ignorance to new limits.
Since their selfish way of life...
Has been severely for them,

They still choose to refer to 'them' as 'those'.
With every need they had from 'them'...
Gold and oil and treasured gems.
All of it belonging to 'those' and not 'them'.

And all their interests...
Has been for them to pick conflicts.
On foreign lands.
And now their debts made that must be paid...
Are owed to foreign hands.

And on their own shores a man elected,
To lift them out of their own swill.
Is scrutinized not for his ability...
But for his skin color.
Some have chosen to overshadow...
In pointless debates!
To smother his abilities...
And his apparent skills!
At a sacrifice to belabor their weight.

As those of small minds,
Are overheard reminding themselves...
'But he is BLACK!
How will his mind 'absorb'...
What we know from birth he lacks,
Because of that fact! '

Fools of gluttony!
With minds poisoned from sheltered environments.
Believe themselves the 'chosen ones'.
Although their evilness...
Makes them the most barbaric on Earth.
Always on a binge of defensiveness.
Always seeking enemies and terrorists.

And they fear their standards valued,
Will change!
And threaten the darkness...
They wish not to miss with a protectiveness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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The cat has once again dragged in Something that it caught and then After toying with it, in play, Killed it, which is his way. For a cat has no rhyme nor reason But follows the jungle's rules of passion. Doing as it has done before Destroying something for evermore. Such it is that those, like felines Who cannot read between the lines Are destined to be certain that They are by fiat, The ones who can do no wrong And enjoy not the meadowlark's song. s