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Standing Alone On A Cool Fall Day
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Standing Alone On A Cool Fall Day

Standing alone on a cool fall day
You show up and calmly say
“Lets go for a walk, what’s the harm? ”
I say “sure”, you take my arm
Passing through the fallen leaves
We spot a rabbit that quickly flees
Continuing along observing nature
Being put down I fell like a failure
But you comfort me in every way
Everything you’ve done, still no price to pay
Only to follow in your every step
Or at least try my very best
When with you it all seems clear
The things I must do, so you will stay dear
It’s very hard to stay by your side
When the rest of the world is on my mind
So easily distracted from what to do
It doesn’t matter, guiltlessness you renew
Simply asking through a prayer
Your walking with me, I feel you there

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