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Standing By The Door
BT (August 21,1990 / Canyoufixit, Yeswecan)

Standing By The Door

Wandering around this messed up life
Just trying not to hit the floor.
My eyes, once again, are so tightly closed
I didn't notice them by the door.

I always go to her
When i need someone to relate
Always count on my older friend
to help me choose my fate.
I guess i wasn't who she thought i was
I changed a little more
She decided it was best if we didn't talk
so she turned and faced the door.

He told me he would always be there
even if i lived 2 steps foward, one step back.
he said he'd never let go of my hand
theres nothing that i lack.
So for once i decided to trust him
Tried to end our never ending war
but he choose to say nothing to me
as he headed out the door.

My parents said I can talk to them
They said we could be 'friends' too.
So i trusted them, gave it a try
about time a tried something new.
.. but why trust them, when they can't trust me?
Remind me what i did this for.
Looks like they'll be next in line
to stand right by the door.

I knew my true friends would always be here
They would never leave my side
They would never let me stand alone
Even after the fact i lied.
Looks like i was wrong, again.
So much for the Fabulous Four.
I guess they wanted to follow the rest
by heading out the door.

They're all standing in the door way now
While my eyes are pleeding them not to go.
None of them get, that i need them to stay
unless they want me to sink to the ulitimate low..

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Comments (1)

You have a good start on a poem but need to check your spelling...pleading...doorway. I like the image of the door in each stanza. You might try the poem without rhyme, other than the last two lines of each stanza. You might like it better that way. I like what you're trying to say. Raynette