BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

Standing By The River Daya

Standing by the river Daya
and looking beyond our times
into the very old bygone era,
I search in my naked eyes
and through human senses.
Where possibly must have taken place
the great war!
bringing an end to a mighty kingdom
and giving birth to a new time,
when another king declared-
A victory is true
If made through the win of hearts.

There obviously remain-
no traces of blood,
flesh or bone of that time.
I am not sure of my forefathers
if they were with the winners or losers.

The promises to protect
own people and the king
must all be lying stewn
in debris here and there.
If at all one could locate-
It would be the iron, clay of that time
in the soil beyond identification.

There remain-
A hair rousing tale of war
and all pervading nature.

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A historical theme remlnded. This is an unusual work of poet.