Standing On The Moon

The world looks empty when you're standing on the moon,
How does the present become past so soon?
Talk only of tomorrow and the moment is lost,
Forgetting about the future comes at what cost?

There are answers to have but where do we go,
We're cowards still sad only footsteps to follow,
The path that is drawn has been trudged before,
Demand to discover there simply has to be more!

Do not be scared by this thing we call change,
Understand it's the same but a bit rearranged,
Then again if it's different I urge you still no fear,
For repitition requires your soul disappear.

Yell quietly, and, yet; whisper loud,
Find a way to make noise without any sound,
Forget about yourself; forget how it seems,
Remember we, humans, are on the same team.

by Michael Alfonso

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