Standing On The Mount Arafat! ! !

Today, I feel like I am standing on Mount Arafat
Doing supplication to Allah: a two-rakaat
First I seek your forgiveness: Istigfaar
Oh Allah, I beg of you, the Gaffar

On it now, I am facing the Kaabah
Anticipating the next day, preparing for Salaah
I pray for your blessing: Barakat
And your grace with a ram as Sadaqat

Robed in pure-white: al-hiram
Facing Makkah and avoiding the forbidden: al-haram
Oh Allah! Let my prayers get to the realm
That I may come here often, that is my dream

© 2014

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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This is lovely, wishful and prayerful poem about going on pilgrimage to Mecca! ! !