Standing On The Other Side

Whatever it was you thought you had time to do.
And with a familiar procrastination...
You would do what pleases you.

With a comprehension missed,
Along with an attention span...
You pawned for something quicker,
With an ease you believed...
You could control and demand?

Attached your ears to this...
Those days are gone!

And those that have moved on...
Have left you,
Standing on the other side of that mental divide.
Standing and waiting,
For an acknowledgement you had grown accustomed...
That others would provide.

But you missed them!
Standing as the winds of changed,
Pushed you aside.
And they were there...
Giving you a long wave goodbye.
Like in...
Do whatever you please,
'Cause that day has come...
For most to ignore,
What it is you have not yet done!

What you could not believe,
Has arrived to make you convinced.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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