Standing On The Verge

The psychological flirts
With the boundaries of Life
And stands beyond the deep
In the shadows of the spirit.
Where one can be trained
In the test of skills
But not taught
The morals of the soul.

Where spiritual warfare meets love
Where love meets morals
Where moral's meets standards
Where standard's meets traditions
Where tradition's meets complacency
Where complacencies meets transitions
And demands a transformation.
Standing On The Verge.

One's inhabitions to build
To enhance and control
But unable to comprehend
The morals of Life.
Never searching deep enough
To realize the power in mind
Where the psychological
Becomes the provical.

Standing On The Verge of expression.
Standing on the rim where marrow meets the bones.
Standing on the brink where night touches day.
Standing on the edge of real prosperity
Standing on the borders of intellect
Standing on the boundaries of submission
Standing on the end of eternal ethics
Standing on the verge.

Where the inward ghost
No longer aggrivates
The true essence
Of the Human Spirit.
But is endebtedly conquered
To exceed the triffels of life
And excels to the Living Being
To make the whole man within.

A Living Being
That grovels at its Godly talents.
A Living Being
That is humbly flattered
At the Works of God within.
A Living Being
That understands, trust and obeys
Even a blink of God's Eye.

For the spirit dead does live
From within out.
And regiments itself
To a level of human satisfaction.
Yet the Living Spirit
Breathes a constant breath
But is never comprehended
Because of its illumination.

When the Living Being
Reveals itself
Into an outer climate
Of normal procedure
It moves you from a process
Of meer mediocrity
To phenomenal excellence.
Standing On The Verge.

The complications of change
Ignorates its former disabilities
Where success and failure abides
And evokes in an instant
The pschological language
Of one's own heart
To Life from the soul.

Then in Life's final synopsis
Where the spirit
Introduces the soul
To the archangels of eternal life.
When Life is philosophically described
As a vapor.
Where Eternal Rest
Takes over the weary.
Standing On The Verge.

by Cecelia Weir

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