Standing On Their Own Two Feet

Estimating a number from observations seen,
It would be too difficult to produce the exact figure.
Of the ones complaining,
About environments they wish to be in.
To do those things,
They claim they mean to do.
If in another scene.

Look they do for a climate,
With a certain energy that allows them.
To be themselves.
Look they do for other people,
Who are doing those things they claim.
For them they can not do,
Because being who they are.
They feel that to be restricted too.

Excuses they make.
And this is all they wish.
A seeking for an environment...
With people doing what they do,
So a continuation of excuses can be made...
Hoping to critique,
With more reasons why...
Standing on their own two feet,
Is not as easy as those who are 'lucky'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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