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Stanzas Of Romance
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Stanzas Of Romance

Poem By Sean Furlong

I once felt a strong love
A deep emotion that I expressed
A deep emotion that I received

When two can’t bear to let
Tomorrow leave each alone
Solace found inside a warm embrace
Never a notion of something to forsake

Real, palpable, material and true
This love brought forth meaning
Yet took so much too

No second-guessing, no worry of regret
Kind of like a relationship with a pet
A vacation to paradise
You didn’t know was scheduled
It’s more fun in the moment
With a wash of euphoria

Seeing with your eyes
Enhances the unseen
The more real it becomes
Though no more than it had been

One could speak of the longing and yearning
Involved spending short times apart
Those showers can take an eternity
When both lovers do not take part

Fully realize each sense’s potential
Discover new sparks in your brain
Approached in an order most sequential
Sometimes adding a few nibbles of pain

I recall a notion that two can become one
How is this done?
A surgery of simplicity though quixotic to an extent
For through a time these lines were parallel
Sailing onward until the day when one was bent

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