My Sweetheart Carries Elements Of Nature

My Sweetheart Carries Elements of Nature

Poem by: Freeyad Ibrahim
You darling Carry the elements of nature
Neverthelsee you never change in nature
Eternal spring of my creation
The delicate creature and structure
The trilling trees are your stature
The warm pinky roses your cheeks
O my pretty pictured creature
I'd be happy in the future

The hot red berries your plump lips
Parted deliciously from which sips
the morning buzzy brownish bee
Fleshy flowers full of moisture.
Your sweet saliva is the honey
For which I give all my money
The silky blond hair brilliant bright
Like the tail of a Dutch pony
Dangling behind upon the pasture

The heaven too is occupued by thee:
The stars are your twinkling eyes
creeping slowly across the skies
The crescent is your thin eyebrows
Schythe like rest upon your eyes
The full moon is your annular face
All the stars on your trace
Pale from wandering all the night
Until the dawn rooster cries.

When the Sun is high and bright,
Then I awoke from my night
And seek refuge in your sight
I feel warm I feel hot
Crawling within me left and right
Maybe you give me some shade
O my Sweetest O my Maid
'Lo no O no you mad lad'
Her soft voice sounds sad
'You are going to be mad
I myself am a sun
How can I shade you from the Sun? ! '
Freyad Hugo

by Freeyad Ibrahim

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