Sunrise On The Bridge

So beautiful as the sun came up
On my early morning drive
The sky so peaceful and lovely
And before long I arrived

The bridge was my destination
With its history and its style
I parked the car and enjoyed
My early morning for awhile

The colors orange and yellow
Reds and pinks as well
A perfect way to start the day
It would be wonderful I could tell

I love the landscape wherever I look
A snowy mountain or jutting ridge
But most of all I always love
The sunrise on the bridge!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

To be a star is great only... of whichever colour...nice
If I can be one of that star... I feel very happy... Whatever the color is... But I believe can give shine for the one I love On the other side of the world... I just hope that when we look the star shine bright that means I am thinking of my love.. I hope I can help you to carry on your burden..