JC (August 24,1947 / Fort Worth, Texas USA)

Star Gazing

Skyward eyes in evening...
It's after dusk we're shown
The luminous magic of stars
To everyone no matter
Their age thru the ages of time,

Children point way up high...

Elusive as is certain
An oncoming sigh -
Who's to know? stars may
Inversely be night's
Footlights for a future love.

Star-falls leave only a trace
Of dust gathered to guide
Hands upon the lyre. music
From the stardusters
Makes starlight shine brighter,

Children point way up high...

The starlighters are sure starters
For each spectacle of heaven's
Nocturnal sights. for pete's sake tho,
Note how the mandrake returns to skies
My sorrow's dissolution above green lawns

Such as where I lie on my back,
Restful amidst the breeze, the leaves
In some backyard this summer my
Upward gaze ushers thought-screens
Their glide deeply honed into

One peace-filled state of wonder.

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peace-filled state of wonder, good write, thanks.