NN ( / Cairo. Egypt)

Star Of Egypt

She is a soul to drip
in faceless laughter,

a carrier of news
in an ancient land
to see life's song
inside the mirror

with fresh appeal
and a bubbled magic...

You are so high above me, dear
and in the face of you, I feel incapable,

for you are a great human being
with pen in hand,
so invincible.

I take your hand to rest...

without tremble,
for words will hide
and reassemble into cyber feathers
dancing space as friendly smiles
for us to trace...

The way you mould your words of wisdom
are really more like making love,

so beautiful,
warming soft, shy wishes,

I feel as if it was the first time,

for it is all the fear
and expectation a virgin has...
yet longing and trembling,

I give you my hand
and surrender to you, my fear,

with assuring words
and a big heart
you wipe away my tears,

I take off my attire
of fear and uncertainty
and I dive with you
in warm ponds of love

I know you see
because you've shown me
that everything you say is true,

and in my wish
of consummation,

I touch a star with an eastern hue.

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