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Springtime At The Nursery
Vachel Lindsay (November 10, 1879 – December 5, 1931 / Springfield, Illinois)

Springtime At The Nursery

The good work begins.

The company crew has multiplied this past week,
Called in from winter layover…
Stretching their underworked backs and muscles…
You can almost hear the songs in their hearts.

Looking through the café window to the yard of this place,
The bustle begins as nurserymen move the stock out into the sun
With wheelbarrow, two wheelers and bobcat forklifts;
The trailers full of evergreens, boxwoods, rhodies, and such,
Arriving from warm greenhouses and more temperate climes,
Lining up, backing in, waiting their turn
To fill this yard with color, bloom, and life.

This week the unloading, next week the rearranging

It is now Spring,
A far cry from the snow-covered platforms, shelves, and stands
Meant for these plants that will soon pretty up yards for miles around.

A lone redbud tree is unloaded…
Way back there against the dark piney backdrop,
Demurely showing with all her best flowering form
Why she will be appreciated somewhere soon.

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Comments (5)

Vachel Lindsay does not pen shallow thoughts here- his spirituality recognizes and accepts the difficulties we face as we journey to Christ. Excellent
Beautifully penned verse glorifying religious sentiments. Thanks for sharing.
Superb..To that far sky where mystic births begin, Where dreaming ears the angel-song shall win.
No more to sin. Nice work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.