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Star Power

I was the kid looking beyond the stars it's they
Who make you who you are not knowing if he
Would ever make it far but I was taught to raise
The bar some things are meant to be obstacles
In your way called the lack of faith people will
Throw constant shade but we was built to never
Break even if the earth were to quake perseverance
Would never evaporate glass shards of hate are
Made to cut through senseless veins but nothing
Could stop destiny and her plans people holding fate
Within their hands just another instrumental to be
Influential the mind is essential keeping the faith

Stand up and make others believe
Rains up to help you break
But you will achieve it becomes
A dying need like tears when
We bleed no one's taking heed
But I was brought to earth to
Plant the seeds maybe I was sent
To earth to carry the pain of others
That's how I feel these feelings are
For real at night I get the chills as
I hear people squeal it's so surreal
Perhaps the pain of dreams waking
Me up at night my mind begins to take
Flight I'm searching for insight I'll be
Alright with you by my side together
We can fly hand in hand we'll get by.


by Laquory Jones

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