EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Star Sign, Unicorn.

Am i lost?
or is it really my life?
A poet lost for words,
to describe his own strife.
All my poems are out of time,
empty and meaningless.
Pain is a word with no rhyme,
gift of tears i was blessed.
Unicorn is my star sign,
no one is like me i know.
I'm losing the only thing which is mine,
my luck today says, your pain will grow.
Maybe i'm not the only one,
maybe we share the star sign.
Do you feel like hope is gone?
are you losing your being with time?
If you are a singer with no song,
i'm a poet with no words.
Are you aware where you belong?
and feeling that every thing hurts.
Together lets find other unicorn,
in the starsign alike to us.
On the same day we were born,
from eachother we'll regain trust.
but sane.....

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