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Star Wars
AL (04.09.1987 / Kent, England)

Star Wars

A black man powdered white
Black men dressed in blue,
Representing an army in their print
Acting like savages as they celebrate.
A man covered in blood.
The blood of a chicken ripped apart
Lies around the mouths of many
Representing the authority of the ones in charge.

Two women of a million
Too afraid to walk too far.
Firewood is necessary as fire equals food, equals life, equals civilisation
But two women like a million
Cannot cross the boundary
Yet have to and so are in danger.

An elder, an aunt, and the younger, a neice,
Leave to gather wood.
Surrounded by 7,
Seperated 4 and 3
And raped, whipped, hurt at only 13.

A sea of colour, seem happy from afar,
Upclose the picture is clarified,
Seems magnified, but it isn't.
Thousands await aid, and they wait, and wait, and wait.
The 'Sanctuary' arrives, a helicopter, carrying only a little
When 1000 tonnes is needed.

They still wait, in fear, hungry, just waiting.

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some provocative imagery going on here. tho, i'm not quite certain what it's entirely about. and the title really threw me off the ride. Jake