Walking down the dark corridor
And I'm restless as hell tonight
I'm counting my steps toward the door
With everything else crammed in my mind
Everything I'm ready to tell you
Everything I'm ready to spill in front of you

I like your songs
And how they impact my life
And the impact that they have on me
And how I can relate to what you sing
And that I've carried them with me
Along with the messages they bring

With a movement of your hands
You put my body at rest
You put my soul at ease
And I'm waiting for you to sing
And I'm waiting for you to bring me to my knees

You possess a lot of heart
As well as a lot of smarts
You smile at me
And with you on my side
There's nothing I can hide
Because you know what I've gone through
Every day is brand new
And every day is a brand new start
For me, or at least how you make me feel
At least

by Justin Gildow

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Amazing...Powerful, Romantic, Positive and Humble. WOW!