Staring Back At You

talking to the pages
of the words i read
of the laugh-man laughing
and the speed
in which i take my time
to the page
the dedication that i make
is a choice
of losing feelings

taking to the street
of the lessons learned
of the shapely strangers
and the stranger birds
i think about the way
i float and think
this world
is perfect

i measure out the clock
to the time it took
to the words i said
and your thankful look
it reminded me
of a time
where i stood and said
i will

in sleeping or in waking
it's the feelings felt
not the looks made
but the touch itself
that make up
what we felt
in perfect moments

tell me again
how you feel
how you felt
the time you knew
but wanted help
in catching
my wave
you caught me
staring back at you

by Sarah Cotnam

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