Starlight Inspiration

Oh, stars of the night...
Burning spheres of flaming fire,
Bright, bold, glittering the heavens,
I gasp breathlessly at your beauty.
Flickering prisms of universal color
Exclaiming God's powers throughout infinity.
Artistically splashed to warmly light the darkness.
Milky patterns of heavenly creations.
Miracles in motion for the soul's delight. A super-natural testimony
Of God's celestial handiwork.
Silvery masses of pure energy
Majestic immaculate constellations
Multicolored planets in perfected rotation. Oh, starry, starry skies...
How powerful were the hands that formed you.
Intelligence far beyond imagination
Spoke you into existence.
Loyal is He that gives you fuel to shine
Night after night without fail.
Faithfully He guards over His vast solar system
And all is beautifully balanced. Stars that shine, truly friends of mine...
The gift of eternity lies there beyond
A promise of burning life
A miracle for us to grasp.
His dreamy Starlight Inspiration for us all to share.

by Linda Lara

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