On an overcast day they seem quite dull and not a pretty sight
But the starlings look quite beautiful when seen in the sunlight
With white flecks through their feathers of greenish purply blue
The numbers on the increase of these birds of many hue.

The starlings are true mimics other birds they imitate
And on trees and high powered electrical wires they often congregate
And when they sing together a lot of sound they make
the familiar voices of the starlings one never could mistake

Under roof tiles and in holes in trees and walls their untidy nest of leaves, grass and feathers made
And four to six palish blue eggs by the female bird are laid
And despite man's persecution the flocks grow bigger as the years go by
The starlings are survivors and their numbers multiply.

After bathing in bird bath in suburban garden on trees and fence they preen
And where ever slugs and insects are the starlings can be seen
And unlike blackbirds and thrushes who seem sluggish on the ground
They appear so energetic as they quickly walk around.

In overcast and rainy weather they look so dull and black
And you'd say they appeared common and in beauty they did lack
But when the day is bright and clear they make a pretty sight
For the starlings look quite beautiful when seen in the sunlight.

by Francis Duggan

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