KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

Starlite Skys

As we linger under this starlite sky,
i look deep into your eyes,
they stare back at me with curiousity.
Then you take my waist into your arms,
i put my arms around your neck,
and we slow-dance to the song that we have come to claim ours,
and as the corus sings,
'I promise I'll never forget, such a perfect night under the stars, '
It felt as if we floating,
barely touching the ground,
Like we were the only two people around,
You look into my eyes as we slowly turn round and round,
and it feel just like a dream,
and as the corus goes,
'I promise I'll never forget such a perfect night under the stars.'

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This is beautiful and enchanting.