Starry Beach

Watching the moon in the middle of scattered sparkling stars
I lay in the bay side on the soft sand spread across

With the tides trying to touch my feet
Pulling my legs from them, I try to cheat

Winning or losing is not their concern
Goal is to play the game and into sea they return

Crawling crabs marked their place with their tender legs
Marring them, laughed mighty waves by claiming it as their place

Children are playing and collecting the shells
At a distance from me, I hear their yells

Dominating everything, the sea grabbed attention
With harsh sounds of water and its constant fluctuation

In that moonlight, sea water is black except for the tip of the ebb
Resembling bright and dark spots of our memory web

Melted in the black starry sky, was the belly of the sea
Pushing the tides towards, for it feared facing me

Lovely and pleasant was the beach in the midnight
Thankful to the stars, for accompanying the sight

by AnilKumar Sharma

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