Starry Night

'That's the ursa minor',
my friend points at a group of stars
'and that's the ursa major',
pointing to another group not far

I look up and see twinkles everywhere
Spread on the black blanket of a sky
A cluster here and a cluster there
Sprinkled by a giant hand I know not why

As I strain my myopic vision
Into the dark unknown space
I see possibilities of worlds unknown
It makes my mind race

There could be life out there
In any of the millions of galaxies
There could be civilizations far more greater
Than anyone believes

I should look up at the sky often
let my mind wander
I should keep my mind open
look beyond what's yonder

by Rajesh Gurung

Comments (1)

This is a good poem, yes it is. I will include this one in an SMS-forwarded wreath of poems wherein will appear Trade Martin's North Korea poem advisory as well as my own What If The Stars Were Barred From Glittering. Thanks for your work... erhard