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Starry, Starry Nights
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Starry, Starry Nights

Where rivers flow and willows weep,
where moonshine spreads its cheesy grin,
there will be promises to keep
of primal fear and mortal sin.

Where nightowls call and field mice squeak,
where dingoes howl their yippee-yooh,
there will be feathers and dead beaks
from bloody feasts, til morning dew
will so completely cover soon
each blade of grass, each dropp of blood.
The shadow of a late racoon,
runs to the river, through the mud.

And, as the darkness slowly lifts,
a new beginning takes its place,
as now occurs a drastic shift
for members of the human race.

All nights are black and scare us humans.
We sense the devil and his mates,
who roam around and hand out omens
to keep us from the Pearly Gates.

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Very dark...you gave me chills.
This is a dark piece of poetry herbert, i could imagine some preacher barking this from the pulpit, warning us that were taking the wrong path, and will end up below the pearly gates, with a little bit of deep heat, but herbert it is full of interest gives a little look into the cranium of herbert the poet Warm regards allan