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Starry Wishes
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Starry Wishes

Poem By Ivan Pine

To be lonely as a little speck,
In the distance far.
Makes me want to tarry
And wish upon a star.

Far away in midnight skies
For you to marry, I wish upon a star I see
My eyes do close and you I see
And hope my wish brings you to me.

Darkness so deep, you may reach out to touch it
That is the loneliness, without you I feel
But to dream of your warm embrace around me
It is my heart and soul you steal.

One million stars cannot hold the beauty
That I see in you,
You are the gentle waves that lap the stars
And the soft breeze from mountain views.

Your smiling face and alluring eyes
A sea of emerald green,
Capture and entrap my heart
And into your warmth I lean.

Ivp 2003

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the expression here is deep and pure the words making a love shine images soft yet powerful good work