JEW ( / Takoma Park, Maryland)


O stars that shine so bright each night, from whence does come thy light?
Are you suns many miles away--too far to bring us day?
Or, are you lanterns in the sky, to guide us on our way?
The Angry Wind A rap tap-taps on my window; a rap that's harsh, not light.
A rap from the fist of one, who vanishes into the night.
One Star One star shines through my window, bringing tidings from Heaven above,
Tidings of Life Eternal. Tidings of Joy and Love.
I Hear a Voice I hear a voice calling me; its melody rings in my ears.
A melody that's enthralling to be, in my memory throughout the years.
On Deafness Would that I were blind than deaf,
For, there are things that one can hear, but cannot see,
And they are the best things in the world to me:
The words of love, music, God and good poetry.

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