Poem By cherassery damodaran binish

Stars, shining in the sky....
Candles lit in the houses
Of the angels up above high
Giving hope to our senses.
Angels live in the minds
Of those who are in need
And tired of never lasting greed
Where men with a heart at last finds.
Stars..., the shining ray of hope
Will last long even after the flood
That takes all with a full stop
And all that remains is only the human greed.

Comments about Stars

wonderful verse! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I love it very much. strong words and beautiful meaning! Bravo!
Strong words, my friend. Well done.
oh, its titled Capitol Greed War hungry need http: // show=poem&poem=29443843
Love it! It started out, I wasnt sure where it was leading, but I followed, and feel I ended up at a pot of gold, thanks for sharing! I belive youd enjoy my poem about gred & war- I wrote it yesterday, cant remeber what I titled it....
Sadly human greed will always remain. Great poem.

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