Poem Hunter
KS (Child of Eisenhower / The City of Brotherly Love)


I have no gifts of gold to give
No diamonds, cash or cars
No frilly clothes, nor fancy trips
I give to you the stars

Gaze upon a cloudless sky
One dark, crisp winter’s night
And let your fancy run away
And bless you with the sight

The stars in Heaven shine on us
God's pure and peaceful light
They show the way, and guide us back
To which is good and right

Remember when you’re lonely
—lost in the wilderness
The light from stars will lead you home
To peace and tenderness

The stars you see above you
Shine on me as well
Their light so pure and hopeful
Grant gifts man cannot sell

So look one night above you
When feeling all alone
Wonder at your Christmas gifts
And let your spirit roam

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this spoke to me; maybe it was the way you had it laid out. eased up on the a a alliteration. yet it loses none of its sublime appeal. Goldy Locks