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You can draw them in,
You can hold them close,
You can let them fly,
You can let them go.

We will always know
What the stars above show.
They show nature's beauty
To all those below.

They show love's purity
To those who don't know.
They show us the world
In a beautiful glow.

The best part of stars,
The best thing they show:
In them you'll see,
All those that you know.
In them you'll see,
Who you love truly.

These amazing stars,
These beautiful things,
Watch over and protect
The best of beings.

Wherever they go,
Whether fast or slow,
If they're in Rome,
Or sitting at home.

These amazing stars,
These beautiful things,
They remember all crushes,
Loves, and summer flings.

When you look to these,
Bright little memories,
You will see the things
She's always done.
You will hear the things
She's always sung.

When this is over,
When this is done,
It's up to you
If you're two,
Or if you're one.

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