Stars And Starry Hearts

Hubble, bubble, distant stars
looking into darkness ohh so far.
Because that light takes time to travel
into cosmic history it dimly sees
when the universe was forming
the very first stars to be.
The beginning of lights first dawning
in those distant galaxies.

We only see what was there
in the time that meets our stare.
What is there right now?
No one knows for sure
until time unlocks the door.
Thinking time is fixed
and all we see is real
when it is history, that we see and feel.

Passing thoughts in starry dreams
with such wondrous diverse themes.
Peering into darkness
the only light that dispels the blackness
deep inside our hearts.
The essence of all that ever was
and will be in the all pervading black
on which He writes our lifelong track.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

Makes you wonder, if all that we see, and all that we don't, have vanished already or not yet been born. (Not just stars either David, eh?)
Finely crafted and beautiful poem, David. I like the way it starts with the play on 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' becoming hubble bubble. And indeed the Hubble telescope does look sort of like a giant bubble. Inventive use of rhyme too. There's probably nothing that makes us all seem so small and the universe so immense as looking up at the stars at night. Good work. -Bill