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Stars Grounded

A Big gate stared at me today
With its protruding long tongue
Guarded by branching out trees.
Awkward at stares and giggles of waiving branch
Found few stars hanging.

Kept counting
They appeared and disappeared.
Disappointing to judge how many were there
for sure.

Whatever could be, true
I found them there.
Hope you can see those
On every possible corners
Even daring out in Mid-May Sun.

Take a pause to count
And if you can pocket those
Like Cricket heroes
To cheer on billboards.

Scramble for stars here on grounds today
You need not look high for
Unlike Dhruva's meditation of yesterday
Bend to knees to take those away.

Stars now graze on ground
Where flowers have disappeared.
Dhruva has shied away at falling stars
Seeing those stuck to everybody collars
Who cares for Dhruva of yesterdays
When today itself is anonymous.

Hrushikesha Mohanty

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Comments (5)

Very True Sir. Who cares for Dhurva of yesterday, we should live in today and think about tomorrow. Appearing & disappearing of natural things is rule of nature.
Every dream begins with a dreamer... today may seems anonymous...can anyone ever forget the past
Everyday we stand in the dream of a magical night. Soul-deep in visions that poppy-like stars...
Nice lines brother..... i like these poems out of routine works lovely 10
as that saying goes...this too shall pass away!